Press Release: Columbus Press’ Capital Offense Entertains 1,000+ Readers in First Week

Here’s a press release from my publisher:



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Columbus Press’ Capital Offense Entertains 1,000+ Readers in First Week

COLUMBUS—September 16th, 2013—Columbus Press may have an internet sensation on its hands.  The company released the first installment of Capital Offense, a Columbus-based serial novel, on September 2nd to a wide and growing audience.  The site——reached well over 1,000 viewers in its first week.  And the number is projected to grow.  A new 500-1,000 word segment is posted weekday mornings to keep readers coming back for more.

The first-person narrative begins when Kurt Stevens, the executioner for the state of Ohio, discovers his wife Tonya dead in their bathtub.  Kurt is driven from his Hilliard home as the cops comb the crime scene, convinced that it was not a suicide.  When he arrives at the London Correctional Institute for a scheduled execution, he receives a mysterious phone call from the land line in the booth.  As the suspicion around him grows, Kurt is forced to find a way out of the prison without being seen—and find his wife’s killer without being found.

Readers are also finding exclusive content—including clues, photos and video—through the novel’s many social media outlets on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads.  Capital Offense will be posted online through January 31st, when it will also be released in traditional formats.

Coming to Terms

It’s hard to write about murder.  Over the weekend I saw this:

It reminded me, once again, of the seriousness of what I write about. I chose to write Capital Offense to fit the thriller genre.  When it was done, I almost didn’t know what to do with it.

I’m really happy with the way it turned out and I like it a lot.  But we live in a broken world where murder and desparation and heartbreak and impossible situations are real.  I didn’t want to glamorize violence or crime, I didn’t want anyone to come away thinking that bloodshed is cool.

After a lot of careful consideration and editing, I’m happy with what we’re publishing at  I think it has the components it needs to be a successful novel, but it’s also accomplished with restraint and wisdom, and ultimately the book has a morally validating message.

Nonetheless, when I see videos like the one above and see real stories of the desolation of murder, it makes me think twice.  If you’re reading Capital Offense, let me know what you think.

What’s in a Name?

So, you may ask, your name is Kurt Stephens and the name of your main character uses the same name in your book ? What gives?

First off, I’m not vain, at least not more than any normal author. And I didn’t lack creativity in coming up with the name. I came up with several names actually. The best one being Bronson Reynolds, although the determination that it’s the best is open to opinion. The primary reason I chose to name the main character after myself is that as a relatively unknown author, I thought it would be easier to get the word out about the book by using the same name for main character as the author. (Did I mention that the book was on Twitter and Facebook

So when you hear the name Kurt Stephens, you can think me, the author, or the awesome character in one of the hottest serial books, Capital Offense. Either way, you’ll be right.

Capital Offense Links

While many people have found Capital Offense and are eagerly reading each installment, some people haven’t had the good fortune to find it. I’ve been asked by many people how to find the latest chapters. Of course I have no intention of making the book a well-hidden secret, so I will provide all the links for getting the latest information.

The main website is:

You can also follow in Twitter (#CapOffense) and Facebook:


Not to be left out, the book and my author page is also on GoodReads:

Author Page:

Feel free to share with abandon!

Three Days

Three days isn’t long, at least not if you’re looking forward to something. Jesus probably thought it was an eternity waiting three days to rise from the dead. For me, these last three days were somewhere in between. I’ve wondered how popular was going to be, how it was going to resonate with readers who happen across the web site or were referred by a friend through various social media.

Whatever the impetus, we’ve seen many people like what we’re doing. And not just how we’re publishing the story one chapter at a time but the story itself. It’s engaged them, made them want to read more.

All I can say is that I hope we have three more days like the last and that it keeps growing. So, please, tell your friends. Share the love. @CapOffense

Blazing a New Trail

Books are dead. At least, that’s what the media tells us. With fewer people buying books, which is a fact, the few people that are purchasing books tend to buy books from the old reliable authors. That leaves new authors without a chance to showcase their art.

So, with the cooperation of Columbus Press, my esteemed and wise publisher, we are releasing a chapter a day, or at least five chapters per week, at We’re going to release the whole thing online.  Free.

We’re giving you the chance to try out the story and see if you like it. The whole story. And if you like it, which I’m sure you will, you will have a chance to purchase the full novel on January 31. You, the reader, win.  We thought it was about time that publishers started putting you first.

Sometimes it’s fun blazing a new trail.  Thanks for being a part of this with me, and don’t forget to check out the book on Facebook and Twitter too.