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Final Installment Capital Offense Release Set – 1/30



I just got word from my publisher (because of my current situation I’m a little slow on the email updates) and found out that we’re releasing the full book (print and e-book) of Capital Offense on 1/30!

I will be holding a pre-release party under the I-70 bridge over the Olentangy River on the 30th. Please bring bottled beverages for yourself (wrapped in appropriate containers) as well as any fire starting materials you need.

Directions can be found here:

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Please RSVP to if you are interested in attending.

Kurt out

Kurt Stevens – Homeless


You know, a lot of people write about homelessness.

When Kurt Stevens writes about homelessness:

He sells his home
He sells his assets
He puts all of his money in escrow
He tells everyone who has ever employed him to fuck off entirely
He goes full homeless

I’m not saying that I plan to be indigent. I’m planning to use all of my resourcefulness to get out of this mess, but the fact is that there’s no other way to get this done other than do it.

If you see me on the street, give me some cash.

I don’t know how I’m going to update this blog once I’m on the street. This may be my last will and testament.

Michael, you can have all my stuff.


The Great Novel Contest

Hey fellow writers. A new contest, The Great Novel Contest, is opening in January. I know. I know. Many people believe that the Internet is filled with scam artists, myself included. (Not that I’m a scam artist but that I agree the Internet is filled with them!)

I researched it and “talked” with the guy who runs it. (No I didn’t work him over too badly.) It’s totally legit. They even have a New York agent judging the thing, Terra Chalberg. My publisher, The Columbus Press, will publish the winner’s novel.

Even if you don’t win, you still have a chance to win street cred as a runner up or finalist. I’ve won a contest in my day and attribute it to helping me snag a publisher for my novel, So polish your novel and submit. Tell them Kurt sent you.

Check out the contest details at

New Trailer

Columbus Press has released a new trailer for Capital Offense starring yours truly.


Nobody eats an apple like Kurt Stevens. Nobody.

Once, Kurt Stevens ate an apple on a bus, and the bus driver died. True story. Fearsome.

New chapters of Capital Offense are released at Check in daily for new material, or find us on Facebook and Twitter for bonus materials.

Bill Crider!

I recently got the chance to interview Bill Crider, the incredible author who is so prolific that this entire post could be devoted to his books. Let’s get a quick list going: A Knife in the Back, Compound Murder, Too Late to Die, Dead Soldiers, and young adult titles like A Vampire Named Fred. It was an honor to get in touch. Here’s the interview:

1. Tell us about yourself.

I’m an old retired English teacher, who’s written a lot of books, many of them under my own name, many of them not. I’ve been collecting paperback originals for many years, and I have way too many of them, not to mention too many other books as well. My kids are going to have a wonderful time at the recycling center when I’m gone.

2. How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. Some kids like to do math problems, some like to play sports, some like to write. I was one of the writers. I didn’t get serious about publication until I was nearly 40, but I’ve made up for lost time.

3. Which of your novels is your favorite?

My favorite book is always the one I’ve just finished working on and sent off my agent. In this case that would the one called HALF IN LOVE WITH ARTFUL DEATH, part of the Sheriff Dan Rhodes series. My second favorite book is the one I’m going to write next or have already begun writing, which in this case would be one I’m calling BETWEEN THE LIVING AND THE DEAD, another Sheriff Rhodes epic. I suspect that will be the publication title, too.

4. What’s your process when you sit down to write? What time do you write? What do you have to drink? etc

When I sit down to write, I always revise the work from the previous day. It gives me a way back into the story, and it saves me from any number of egregious typos on the final draft. Not that there aren’t plenty of them in there, anyway. I always write in the evening. That’s because when I was teaching, the evening was the only time available. So I got into the habit, and I can’t seem to break it. I almost always have Dr. Pepper by my side in some form or other. I tried to quit drinking it when the parent company give the old scroogie to the Dublin plant, but I found that I couldn’t.

5. You’ve written over 35 novels. What’s your secret for staying so productive?

Actually I’ve written about twice that many. Those are just the ones under my own name. Some of the others are things I can’t reveal and will never reveal. That’ll give the collectors fits in the future, assuming there are any collectors, which I have serious doubts about. The way to stay productive is to sit down and write every day. Have a time and a place and do the work. That’s all there is to it. That sounds easy, right? I wish it were as easy as it sounds.

6. Where do you find all the awesome content for your blog? (I especially liked the prison-break article on the 16th.)

I started by blog the week before I retired from teaching back in 2002. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with it, but it eventually settled into whatever it is now. Lots of links, plus book reviews and movie reviews, and whatever else I put in there. I look at a lot of news sites, and people even send me stuff to use. The blog is my way of entertaining myself. I find I spend too much time on it, and I need to cut back, but so far I’ve kept it going.

Columbus Brewing Company Bodhi

It happened today, cosmically creating connections where there had been none. Through a partnership with we decided what beer Kurt is going to drink in today’s chapter, Columbus Brewing Company’s Bodhi. Its appearance in the book fortuitously comes at a point that happens to pay offhand homage to the 1990’s hit movie Point Break. It’s like the world blessed us with its sudden oneness. It makes me feel like the Universe is on my side.

The beer is absolutely delicious.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m done with all this mystical talk. I need to do some more writing to get my balls back where they belong, instead of tucked up in my pelvis. I like unity, but I’m not trying to grow ovaries any time soon.

I’m Everywhere These Days

Author Drew Farnsworth labeled readers of Capital Offense “Offenders.”  How do you like that?

Our readership for has grown quick. How do you like that, Offenders? That’s right, you have a name now. @CapOffense

— Drew Farnsworth (@Drew_Farnsworth) November 21, 2013

So Offenders, want more Kurt Stevens?  There’s plenty more to go around!

First, join us on Facebook for exclusive announcements and bonus materials.  “Like” the page for alerts to new chapters and cool stuff.

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