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Found an iPad – Not Giving it Back

Some people make it too easy.

I was walking through an alley and found a bag. It must have fallen out of someone’s car. Inside I found some Medicare brochures, a pack of gum and-

An iPad

I have no way to plug it in to charge it, but now I’ll at least have a way to post to the website about my travels. Right now I’m setting up shop under the Whittier St. bridge, but I totally plan on finding a warmer spot in the near future.

The other dudes around here are fine, but they’re not always too happy to see me. I think they can tell I’m not one of them.

Every once in a while a truck comes around and drops off some food. I haven’t been around for that, but if it happens I’ll keep you posted.

Kurt’s Assistant: Looking Awkward in Public

ashleyAs Kurt’s assistant, I’m starting to think my main job is to appear maladjusted.

I’m Ashley, and I take care of most of Kurt’s social media.  Recently, I drove downtown to get some photos near the Statehouse for our Instagram account.  After wandering around the building for a while, I decided to get a few shots of a COTA bus for Chapter 39.  I saw one coming and got out my cell phone, took a few, and rounded the corner to get some more.  Then I heard someone behind me.

“You takin’ a picture of the bus?”

I kept walking.

He wasn’t going to let me off that easily.  “Hey lady!  You takin’ a picture of the bus?”

I looked over my shoulder.  There were at least a couple of guys following me now.  “Yes, I’m very interesting,” I said, and headed toward the bus stop.

Apparently they had nothing better to do, and they went with me.  One guy said to me, “I thought you was takin’ a picture of that building.”

Then the other guy was like, “naw man, she’s takin’ a picture of the bus!  I said take a picture of me!  Don’t take a picture of the bus!”

I had nowhere to go while I was waiting, and my audience was about to see me snap a few more bus shots, so I figured I’d explain.  “It’s for a project,” I said.

“Ohhhhhh I gotcha, I gotcha.  I was lookin’ at my buddies like, she’s from the country or


somethin’, takin’ a picture of the bus.”  I laughed, got my shots, and left, glad I didn’t have the peanut gallery with me when I crawled out of a drain pipe for Part I.