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Compounding Pharmacies and Lethal Injections

Most pharmacies do not seem to want to be associated with the substances required to perform lethal injections. It’s considered to be a non-medical use. The Hippocratic oath specifically prohibits the administration of lethal substances. Many pharmacies adhere to this standard.

The State of Ohio is turning to compounding pharmacies which formulate medications in small batches. Small batch formulation does not necessarily mean that compounding pharmacies are less safe than the big boys. Despite the outbreak of fungal meningitis in 2012 which originated at a compounding pharmacy in New England, compounding pharmacies have provided much needed medications for many years.

However, the regulations for compounding pharmacies are different from those that are used in larger scale manufacturing facilities. In a large manufacturing plant there is a long and very complicated process for compliance and validation for each formulation. Because compounding pharmacies are formulated in small batches, the process for each formulation cannot be validated individually. However, the lab technicians at compounding pharmacies are highly trained and should be able to detect faults in the compounding process. State legislatures currently regulate compounding pharmacies so there is no national standard.

All of this begs the question: will the move to compounding pharmacies result in a higher risk for pain or complications during the administration of lethal injections? That question has not been subject to rigorous scientific study, so it remains open. However, the fact that the state of Ohio no longer has the option to procure medications through mainstream distribution channels means that there is no choice. Even if lethal injection drugs from compounding pharmacies are more prone to produce complications then the state will have no alternative but to procure the drugs from them.



I’ll pause to let that sink in…

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Citizen Investigation in Action

Capital Offense takes an ordinary man, Kurt Stevens, and throws him into a mystery that he needs to solve using whatever means necessary. That scenario is becoming more and more believable. For example, in Seattle it is now possible for private citizens to track someone’s movement on the freeway by requesting data on a license plate. Link is here:

Privacy concerns aside, this is a venue for regular people to become detectives in their everyday lives. The more power that we have to investigate, the more power that we have to end the violence in our lives.

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Fall: Veil of Darkness

I want to start out by saying that this isn’t a diatribe about climate change. That’s been done to death and I don’t care about it. I just want to explain why I set my book Capital Offense,, in the fall.

First of all, violent crime tends to occur more often during summer months, at least in Texas, but I think in Columbus, OH as well. Here’s a link:

But as the days get shorter I think there’s a transference of that violence away from the overt, on the street type, toward violence that occurs in the darkness, behind closed doors. That’s the world of Capital Offense. It’s a brooding violence with occasional fits of blind rage. It’s the blending of the contract killer and the maniac. Somewhere in the middle there’s something truly terrifying.

How Can I Buy Capital Offense?

I love what I’m reading at, but when is the book available? Good question.

After the complete book is posted to the web site, my publisher, Columbus Press, will release the book in January in traditional (print and e-book) formats.

Why are you making me wait? Another good question. The reason is that I want you to be tuned in. I’m trying to build suspense so that more people will return each day to see what’s happening next with Kurt. I also want you to tell your friends so they’ll tune in. And then, if you’ve been entertained, I hope that you’ll support my work and purchase the book.

My publisher and I also agree that it’s time for the publishing industry to evolve, and offering this content for free online, and putting the reader first, is a great step.

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Why did I write, Capital Offense, a story about an executioner who is accused of illegally killing his wife?

I was intrigued by the idea of someone whose job was to legally kill people but was accused of murdering an innocent person. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that few books delved into the life of an executioner and the moral issues that an executioner faces.

I also wanted to examine how a person under stress is affected by extreme events.

Once I started writing the story, I kept adding characters to challenge Kurt and bring his internal moral fight onto an ever larger stage. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the results. I hope you are too.

New chapters are added daily at