Preparing to Write


The brain is an organ. It requires proper nutrition in order to function properly. That means a mixture of good carbohydrates, phytonutrients, antioxidants, proteins and fiber. To that end, I have developed a regimen of five ounces of organic kale, seven ounces of organic sunflower seed butter and 24 ounces of green tea as my morning elixir. I will sometimes mix in a whole boiled chicken breast. This meal is consumed within twenty minutes of waking.

After breakfast I have to integrate my physical self with my mental self for the writing process which I partake in every day. My protocol is as follows:

7 minutes of thai chi
21 minutes of high intensity sprints
17 minutes of upper body and abdominal resistance work
21 minutes of vinyasa meditation
17 minutes of lower body resistence work
21 minutes of work on the heavy bag
three rounds of sparring with my boxing partner

Only after this regimen am I ready to write for at least four hours straight. After the writing is completed all bets are off. I eat steak, I drink beer. Night Kurt is a different person from morning Kurt. Morning Kurt is healthy and responsible. Night Kurt is a boss.

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