I’ll pause to let that sink in…

“83 what?” you ask.

We hit number 83 on Amazon’s Serial Novel list of top sellers! Click on the link to see it offered on Amazon:


“I thought you were listing it on the web,” you ask.

We are. And if you’ve been following my website, www.CapitalOffenseBook.com, you know that the first act has been completed. So my publisher packaged it up and offered it on Amazon!

“Why both options?” you ask.

Some people don’t like to read serial novels a chapter at a time, so my publisher is offering it on Amazon for .99 on Kindle. Even though you can read it online for free, there are many people who like the story enough to purchase the first act. I am so thankful to everyone who has enjoyed the story thus far in serial format and am equally appreciative of those who would pluck down a buck to have the story for themselves. It’s people like you who are keeping us starving artists alive and able to offer new, innovative stories.

If you have enjoyed the novel so far and would like to support it, then please click on the Amazon link above. With your help, the novel could a top ten seller of serial novels!

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