How Can I Buy Capital Offense?

I love what I’m reading at, but when is the book available? Good question.

After the complete book is posted to the web site, my publisher, Columbus Press, will release the book in January in traditional (print and e-book) formats.

Why are you making me wait? Another good question. The reason is that I want you to be tuned in. I’m trying to build suspense so that more people will return each day to see what’s happening next with Kurt. I also want you to tell your friends so they’ll tune in. And then, if you’ve been entertained, I hope that you’ll support my work and purchase the book.

My publisher and I also agree that it’s time for the publishing industry to evolve, and offering this content for free online, and putting the reader first, is a great step.

If you’re finding it difficult to read on your web browser, consider subscribing to the content via Amazon’s subscription service here. Either way, enjoy

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