What’s in a Name?

So, you may ask, your name is Kurt Stephens and the name of your main character uses the same name in your book www.capitaloffensebook.com ? What gives?

First off, I’m not vain, at least not more than any normal author. And I didn’t lack creativity in coming up with the name. I came up with several names actually. The best one being Bronson Reynolds, although the determination that it’s the best is open to opinion. The primary reason I chose to name the main character after myself is that as a relatively unknown author, I thought it would be easier to get the word out about the book by using the same name for main character as the author. (Did I mention that the book was on Twitter https://twitter.com/CapOffense and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/capitaloffensebook?)

So when you hear the name Kurt Stephens, you can think me, the author, or the awesome character in one of the hottest serial books, Capital Offense. Either way, you’ll be right.

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