Blazing a New Trail

Books are dead. At least, that’s what the media tells us. With fewer people buying books, which is a fact, the few people that are purchasing books tend to buy books from the old reliable authors. That leaves new authors without a chance to showcase their art.

So, with the cooperation of Columbus Press, my esteemed and wise publisher, we are releasing a chapter a day, or at least five chapters per week, at We’re going to release the whole thing online.  Free.

We’re giving you the chance to try out the story and see if you like it. The whole story. And if you like it, which I’m sure you will, you will have a chance to purchase the full novel on January 31. You, the reader, win.  We thought it was about time that publishers started putting you first.

Sometimes it’s fun blazing a new trail.  Thanks for being a part of this with me, and don’t forget to check out the book on Facebook and Twitter too.

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