Final Installment Capital Offense Release Set – 1/30



I just got word from my publisher (because of my current situation I’m a little slow on the email updates) and found out that we’re releasing the full book (print and e-book) of Capital Offense on 1/30!

I will be holding a pre-release party under the I-70 bridge over the Olentangy River on the 30th. Please bring bottled beverages for yourself (wrapped in appropriate containers) as well as any fire starting materials you need.

Directions can be found here:

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Please RSVP to if you are interested in attending.

Kurt out

Kurt Stevens – Homeless


You know, a lot of people write about homelessness.

When Kurt Stevens writes about homelessness:

He sells his home
He sells his assets
He puts all of his money in escrow
He tells everyone who has ever employed him to fuck off entirely
He goes full homeless

I’m not saying that I plan to be indigent. I’m planning to use all of my resourcefulness to get out of this mess, but the fact is that there’s no other way to get this done other than do it.

If you see me on the street, give me some cash.

I don’t know how I’m going to update this blog once I’m on the street. This may be my last will and testament.

Michael, you can have all my stuff.


Found an iPad – Not Giving it Back

Some people make it too easy.

I was walking through an alley and found a bag. It must have fallen out of someone’s car. Inside I found some Medicare brochures, a pack of gum and-

An iPad

I have no way to plug it in to charge it, but now I’ll at least have a way to post to the website about my travels. Right now I’m setting up shop under the Whittier St. bridge, but I totally plan on finding a warmer spot in the near future.

The other dudes around here are fine, but they’re not always too happy to see me. I think they can tell I’m not one of them.

Every once in a while a truck comes around and drops off some food. I haven’t been around for that, but if it happens I’ll keep you posted.

Homelessness in the US

Homelessness is a complicated subject when it comes to crime. It has been shown previously that homelessness is a strong predictor of criminality. I don’t know why this is the case. It could be that homeless people simply have no options other than crime in order to fulfill basic human needs. It could also be that the over-representation of the mentally ill in the homeless population could cause an increased tendency toward criminality. It could also be that people are homeless because they have committed crimes in the past and cannot get jobs because of their criminal records. Homelessness might also just drive people crazy.

I don’t know if any of that is true. I’m really interested in this topic. Does anybody have any insights into the reason why so many people who are in jail have also been homeless at one time or another? Why do so many homeless people have criminal records? As someone who writes about crime for a living, I feel that it’s my duty to understand every aspect of criminality.

Help me out.

I need some insight.

The Great Novel Contest

Hey fellow writers. A new contest, The Great Novel Contest, is opening in January. I know. I know. Many people believe that the Internet is filled with scam artists, myself included. (Not that I’m a scam artist but that I agree the Internet is filled with them!)

I researched it and “talked” with the guy who runs it. (No I didn’t work him over too badly.) It’s totally legit. They even have a New York agent judging the thing, Terra Chalberg. My publisher, The Columbus Press, will publish the winner’s novel.

Even if you don’t win, you still have a chance to win street cred as a runner up or finalist. I’ve won a contest in my day and attribute it to helping me snag a publisher for my novel, So polish your novel and submit. Tell them Kurt sent you.

Check out the contest details at

Parts 1 & 2 are here for $0.99!

Hi everybody,
Parts 1&2 of Capital Offense are on sale for Kindle today for $0.99. This includes the entire novel so far, as well as three chapters from part three.
But now we need people to get on board. $0.99 is a pretty good price for a book like this. It’s fun, sometimes frightening, and always a little off-kilter. If anyone has a Kindle, it would mean so much if you would download it today.
Part 3 will be available at the end of January.

New Trailer

Columbus Press has released a new trailer for Capital Offense starring yours truly.


Nobody eats an apple like Kurt Stevens. Nobody.

Once, Kurt Stevens ate an apple on a bus, and the bus driver died. True story. Fearsome.

New chapters of Capital Offense are released at Check in daily for new material, or find us on Facebook and Twitter for bonus materials.